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標題: 想聽聽小石唱歌嗎?有3首啊~! [打印本頁]

作者: lily_snape    時間: 2007-10-25 18:22     標題: 想聽聽小石唱歌嗎?有3首啊~!

這個post我在另一個論壇發過了, 有到過那兒的巫巫應該看過^^'' 內含大量Alan真人靚聲xDDD 歌: Youtube: 冇獨白, 浪漫版: 有獨白, 好笑版: From ''Help! I'm a Fish'' 一開始是獨白,很像小勒在說話的, 不知為甚麼唱歌的那段一開始,我就很想笑= ='' 不過我真的很喜歡Alan的聲線 (某聲: 其實是喜歡小勒吧。。。) 歌詞: *Joe=Alan Rickman (spoken by Joe Once there was a lonely silence. And not a speck of hope in sight And every tiny bubble burst On its journey to the light. But the spark of creation will flicker again. It's a brand new era about to begin. (sung by Joe Now we've been caught, we've been sold, And left out in the cold. Evolution's been passing us by. With this potion in hand, We're been given the chance. It's time to turn the tide. Come join me and seize this opportunity. Alter your destiny. One single drop Will be enough To put you on top. (fish chorus): Intelligence. Say you'll lead the way. Intelligence. Have a sip today We owe it all to Joe. (Joe): One pottion, one ocean, One ruler of all. It's a vision Ive seen, It'sthe world of your dreams It's a pearl in the palm of your hand. And with the power of speech, It is all within reach. We can swim to the promised land. (fish chorus): Promise us, Joe, You'll be our kinda?guy. Such an amazing guy. King of the cod, Lord of the crill. The prince of the swill Intelligence, Say you'll lead the way, Intelligence 2. "The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Any More" 3. ''Raining in My Heart'' from Alan Rickman Fan Page [ 本帖最後由 lily_snape 於 2007-10-25 18:27 編輯 ]
作者: nicco    時間: 2008-1-7 22:09

酷~ 好特别的声线哦!
作者: ccy_1206    時間: 2010-7-22 18:19

我的小石哦 你的聲音真的很好聽哦
作者: sibyl801313    時間: 2016-7-28 13:47


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